Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Greatest Force - And How To Use It - Discover The Force - It's not laser swords and Starships or saving Princesses but it works

Einstein was certain that there was a single Force that produced all of the others - he couldn't prove it.  We did.

The Strong Force, The Weak Force, Electromagnetic Force and Gravity are the four fundamental interactions in the universe.  These forces form the universe as we know it.  However, now there is evidence that there is a Force behind all of the every-day forces that we experience every day.  The best part is that this new force is extremely easy to comprehend it as Albert Einstein knew it would be.  We explain The Greatest Force in the simplest terms that anyone with a 4th Grade education can understand.  At the same time, we travel deep inside the basic building blocks of the universe, the atom and sub-atomic particles that make-up all of the countless numbers of atoms everywhere and we see the working for a Super-Consciousness that knows every single spot in the Space and Time of this universe, what needs it may have and how to fulfill those needs. Since you occupy some of this random Space/Time in the universe, it knows how to hold everything in your life in its hands and this is how we can measure your fate, because it's all connected.

Read or LISTEN to this book only if you can enjoy a great mystery and love to stimulate your brain in trying to guess what happens next.  Listen to this book if you are interested in the real Truth about the universe.  Listen to this book on the road or even while at work, because some of these concepts are impacting you at this very minute, but you are blissfully unaware of how they control you and how you can turn this process around and control your own life for whatever goals or missions you may have.  

You'll be sooooooooooo glad you did.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My latest research uncovers The Greatest Force - Einstein was right. There really is only one Force - I prove it here - And how to USE IT

The Greatest Force - And How You Can Use It - on Amazon Now - Audible in a few DAYS~

Reviews - Retweets - Reposts sorely needed.  This is a CALL to the Universe

The Greatest Force in the Universe has been discovered.  Next, you need to learn how to use it in your every day life.  Not to worry - this book will show you the way.

The Four Fundamental Interactions in the universe - The Strong Force, The Weak Force, the Electro-Magnetic Force and Gravity have long been thought to be tributaries of the same river.  In The Greatest Force, we explore the fact that this river has been discovered by research performed recently that is based on the 'Entanglements' of electrons.  They know about each other and therefore represent the first layer of Consciousness in the universe.  It is the flow of Consciousness from the Greatest Force, right up until the presentation of these words in your brain that make up the greatest way to connect the dots.  

The Greatest Force knows where every point in the universe lies and what role it must play in the overall scheme of things.  Some of these points in the universe intersect at your location in Space/Time, therefore your fate is locked in to the same trending events of the Past, Present and Future.  What you need to do now is merely learn how these basic Laws of Physics impact all the events of your life every day.  It's not Rocket Science, and is instead one of the simplest things in the universe that can be known.  

Einstein could not prove the "Grand Unification Theory" mathematically and was frustrated up until his death in 1952.  This is only because he was over-thinking it.  In this book, we prove Einstein's greatest theory that he knew in his gut to be the absolute truth about the universe and our role in it.  

Give this book a read only if you are a curious Science buff who likes to learn about the latest scientific discoveries but without all of the blustering bluff, bombast and balderdash that accompanies most scientific papers.  This information can be completely understood by anyone with a basic High School education.  The Greatest Force planned it that way.

Is this The Force that they use in Star Wars?  I leave that up to your interpretation.  Science Fiction today often uncovers the truth about our reality in very interesting and entertaining ways.  This book will seem like Science Fiction to some, but when you complete your study and suddenly everything in your life snaps into place and things begin to go the way you had always hoped, The Greatest Force may be with you - Always!