Thursday, May 25, 2017

Available NOW - 'One Crazy Bastard Saves The World' - Science Fiction? At its Finest.

COMING SOON (Sept. 15th)

The Greatest Force in the universe has been discovered by this author.  The only thing you need to do now - After reading this book - is how you can use it in your daily life.  Come back on or around Sept. 15th to get your free copy.  Could be sooner, so check back every day and when you can click on the cover to purchase on Amazon, and/or you'll know it's available. 


 In the meantime, read the previous works of mine that lead me to the greatest discovery of all time.

 MAXTRICITY:  The Science of Entangled Electrons

This may in fact be the best book you've ever heard.

The Maximum Force in the universe is now available to anyone with a brain.

Hopefully, this describes you - If you have a brain, your thoughts are powered by your electrons.  Now, learn how your electrons think about the universe.

Whenever two electrons band together inside an atom - if they share their orbital, they may become entangled.  This means they will never forget one another.  The force that continually bonds entangled electrons together in this highest state - the author has dubbed as 'Maxtricity' and electrons so entangled as 'Maxtrons'.  The maximum power in the universe is easily the Square of all other forces in the universe combined since this force defies even the speed of light.  

"At the very least, this discovery could mean a sustainable future for our species for all eternity.  At best, it could mean that we have a way to solve any problem that arises ever again."  Max Steingarden - The Institute for Advanced Telometric Astrophysics.


Give it a REVIEW on Audible - You're Good To Go!

Out in PRINT and KINDLE NOW - Science Fiction Reviews Wanted

It Out NOW!
BASED on the recently discovered Science by Michael Mathiesen - SEE BELOW - How one crazy Bastard will Save The World ~~

This book will change the way you think about Science and how much impact it can have on our individual lives as well as the life of the planet.

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