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New Science Breakthrough means that your brain's electrons do more than just think for you.

Great New Scientific Breakthrough - A MAJOR Discovery because  IF Electrons Can Learn - What are they learning from US?

A Call to the Large Hadron Collider

CALL for an EXPERIMENT to find out if Electrons Can Learn - WHAT?


Latest research performed by the Large Hadron Collider suggests that all of the Laws of Physics are determined by electrons and other sub-atomic particles because it only takes the first particle in the universe to encounter another one and these two determine how they can behave in harmony with one another without destroying one another.  Then, all other sub-atomic particles, including electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, everything other particle that is formed then gains the knowledge about how to act from the first one.  The learning is shared instantaneously around the entire universe in a 100% uniform manner.  In other words, the Laws of Physics are not determined by God or some kind of Law-Of-Physics DATABASE.  It's a learned behavior that is spread by the first actors in the universe who are able to survive in their various roles and these survival positions in the universe are then seen by us as the Laws of Physics. 

This version of the construction of the Cosmos tells us that these particles can learn their place from the original individuals who were lucky enough to find the proper distance from each other which in turn, generates all of the sub-atomic forces of the universe, such as 'The Strong Force', the one that we can measure that holds all of the nuclear particles together and which is one million times stronger than the 'Weak Force', the one that determines how these subatomic particles will be attracted to one another and create the world we know and love.

In the diagram above, the small blue dot in the center is the nucleus of the atom.  The squiggly lines surrounding the little blue dot represents the distance that the electron must obey every time they encounter a little blue dot.  This rule of the sub-atomic world is NEVER violated.  Using Darwin's theory of Evolution, we believe that the first electrons that landed in this distance, found it to be a distance they could live in and be happy with.  They would not spiral into the nucleus and be absorbed, nor would they fly off into space and become lost.  Just like the distance from the Sun where the Earth orbits its source of heat and light just enough to support life - "The Goldilocks Zone" - their distance from the center of their little solar system of the atom was "Just Right".

And then like dutiful little astronauts, these first explorers of space and time, some billions of years ago, when the universe was cooling down from the Big Bang - these plucky pioneers then handed this information down to the other electrons that would ever come along from that point forward in a kind of DNA Coding for all electrons (in this example) to know and find.  They found them by the countless trillions of zeroes in their numbers and this is how all the elements that support our life on Earth were created.

We see the coding in the measurements and distances that we can determine through our scientific experimentation as the Laws of Physics.  We have recently uncovered the DNA code, the Laws of Physics for our own survival and Evolution - now it is time to turn our attention to the code of evolution that 

This may all sound like the plot of a fascinating new Science Fiction novel and perhaps someday I'll author one based on this notion.  However, I find the facts of Science far more interesting than any fiction that can be conceived by my brain.  Since I landed on the fact of Science - now confirmed by many experiments around the world - that electrons can become 'Entangled' or in other words, can know about each other's activities, and we also know from these experiments that the awareness of each other is INSTANTLY communicated to any other place in the universe.  There is no time-delay in one entangled electron knowing about the other's state.  We have now seen how the Laws of Physics may have been created.

For all these reasons, the single most important scientific apparatus in history is not the microscope.  It is not the telescope.  It is not the spectroscope.  The most important scientific apparatus in history is the machinery we have devised like the Large Hadron Collider, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, the upcoming International Linear Accelerators et al, will be determined to take this role because they may soon uncover the very reason for our existence, the real evolution of Consciousness in this universe and how we may be able to use these forces to create a safer, more equitable, prosperous and sustainable world. 

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In two previous books - 'The 4 States of Consciousness' and 'Uber Religion - Expletives Deleted' 

- I discuss how and why humans have arrived at the greatest time in our civilization.  Through the diligent efforts of our greatest scientific experiments - primarily with things like CERN'S Large Hadron Collider where they discovered the God Particle - we are now profoundly aware of the Tinker-Toy manner in which all of the parts of our universe snap together.  

In my latest work - Can Electrons Learn - I am calling on the Scientific Community - especially the one using the Large Hadron Collider, Fermi Labs, Stanford Linear Accelerator and/or the new International Linear Collider now in design phase - to cooperate in the world's first experiment to find our true origins, the tiniest particles in the universe who seem to be giving up their secret of Consciousness and giving to us a new recognition and awareness ourselves that completes the 'Feedback Loop'.  See - earlier work - The 4 States of Consciousness.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Best Audible Books about President Donald Trump's Administration of our FUTURE - Evolution - The Big Bang Theory - The God Particle

Can Electrons Learn -

In two previous books - 'The 4 States of Consciousness' and 'Uber Religion - Expletives Deleted', I make the case for the case that we are at the greatest time in our civilization because, through the diligent efforts of our greatest scientific experiments - primarily with things like the Large Hadron Collider where they discovered the God Particle - we are now profoundly aware of the Tinker-Toy manner in which all of the parts of our universe snap together.  But, an even more profound discovery may be just on the horizon where we may soon know with absolute certainty how our own minds reflect and obey this basic architecture of our universe.  Can Electrons Learn - The Greatest New Scientific Discovery is a tour of the smallest parts of the universe and the most basic and fundamental energies that power up our every day lives and events.  Even the thoughts you are having at this moment are controlled largely by the electrons that flow throughout your neuronal network

It has been shown in something known as 'Entanglements' that two electrons can become paired and then when separated, even over thousands of miles, they will exhibit something known as 'Super Memory' or in my opinion - Consciousness because one of the related pairs of entangled electrons will know the state of the other and will instantly react to any changes in that state without any consideration for time or distance.  

This being a profound indicator of Consciousness, I have recently come up with an interesting thought-experiment, that if proven in the real world of Quantum Physics by the folks at the Large Hadron Collider, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, the International Linear Collider or any combination of these - would change our perception of the universe and our role in it - forever.

If electrons can learn is an adventure for any reader who cares about Science and/or has any interest in the most puzzling questions of our time.  If it is proven by these most expensive and complex new atom-smashers that electrons can learn, then we must next start asking ourselves what are they learning from us?  And, perhaps more importantly - what can we learn from them?

Join the journey into the deepest and most complex parts of the universe, but in a truly enlightened approach that is easy to understand and even appreciate as told by this Science Writer - who does his best to use the KISS method or 'Keep It Simple Stupid'.


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Evolution has not stopped.  It continues.  Darwin's theory of Evolution has also run its course.  While the knowledge of where we come from continues to grow.

This is the information that began this magical ride for me.  When the Scientists of the Large Hadron Collider announced that they had found the God Particle on July 4th, 2012, I was in Mauii and I completed this book while on vacation.  The magical waters of the Pacific ocean the most beautiful and sacred spot in the known universe poured forth all of the information that I would need.

In the Big Bang - The God Particle exploded it all and to this day keeps the universe expanding.

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