Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Best Audible Books about Evolution - The Big Bang Theory - The God Particle

Best Audible Books about Evolution, The Big Bang Theory, the God Particle, Donald Trump and theANTI-DOTE TO ALL OF THEIR SHENANIGANS - Yelpocracy - The Beta Test

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You ALREADY USE the Yelpocracy to rate your photos, videos and friends - Let's kick it UP A NOTCH to RATE THE Wannabe Leaders of the World and their Wanna-Brain Ideas ~



These people are not WEALTHY ENOUGH from their billions they stole from us - TODAY they will be satisfied only with the complete destruction of OUR PLANET as long as it enriches THEM~



The 4 States of Consciousness

Since authoring The Origin Of Creation (See Below) the true nature of Consciousness came to me and this book has the potential to truly change the world.  Let's start with YOU first.  The rest will follow.  With forewords by Albert Einstein.

If you want to delve into the details of how I came up with the 4 States of Consciousness - you should read this book AFTER reading or hearing the audible version of the 4 States above - OR like if you want to learn about the latest and greatest scientific discoveries that will effect your life and the lives of your children ahead of anyone else - this is the blog for you.

Evolution has not stopped.  It continues.  Darwin's theory of Evolution has also run its course.  While the knowledge of where we come from continues to grow.

This is the information that began this magical ride for me.  When the Scientists of the Large Hadron Collider announced that they had found the God Particle on July 4th, 2012, I was in Mauii and I completed this book while on vacation.  The magical waters of the Pacific ocean the most beautiful and sacred spot in the known universe poured forth all of the information that I would need.

In the Big Bang - The God Particle exploded it all and to this day keeps the universe expanding.

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Michael Mathiesen

It's Three Minutes to Midnight ~

The Human Race teeters on the brink of disaster.  After World War Two, a group of Nuclear Scientists set the Doomsday Clock - the time when we might destroy the entire planet with nuclear weapons as 20 Minutes until Midnight.  Today, we have only grown closer and closer to the possibility that we may wipe out not only the entire human race and go extinct on this planet, but all other life forms would be taken along with us as well.

For most people - this current situation is NOT ACCEPTABLE - but there is hope.  We The People now have the technology to take the world into a completely new direction of peace, prosperity, international harmony and trust and no more be held hostage by the limited alternatives given to us by our governments.  There is a new form of government coming that will be based on the total common consciousness of ordinary people who want to provide for their families and to provide a peaceful and healthy environment for every man, woman and child on the planet for now and all days into the future.  Find out how you can help take control of our country and then our planet from the forces of greed and hate and arrogance of those who rule this planet today.