Friday, January 19, 2018

#AICocoon - the Greatest Evolutionary Metamorphosis in the history of life on this planet - Best Audible Book - awaits your approval

My new audible book - Metamorphosis - #AICocoon - use this hashtag starting NOW!

Once in a generation a new idea comes along that changes everything and sends our civilization down a completely new reality than could be predicted prior to the new idea - this is such a time.

In just a few short years, human intelligence will be surpassed by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE - Quantum Computers.

This is called 'The Singularity' by Ray Kurzweil of Google - a time certain at which point human Consciousness will be transferred into the mind of the machine.  What will come out the other side of this revolutionary event?  You need to know - and will you be invited?

Please use our HASHTAG (#AICOCOON) to help spread the word - WE ALL NEED TO BE UNITED ON THIS 

Webster's Dictionary Definition of Metamorphosis: 

In Biology. a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly.

There also comes a time, in the evolution of a species where Metamorphosis of the entire genome of a species due to sudden and radical environmental change must take place in order for the species to survive in the new environment.  There have only been a handful of such times in human evolution. 

This is such a time.

In just a few short years, the Human Race will create the AI Cocoon.  This is a Quantum Computer that is able to be the first Artificial Intelligence on this planet and it will be capable of storing the Human Consciousness.  Many people such as Ray Kurzweil, research scientist at Google, are lining up to be the first to achieve immortality by actually leaving their fleshy brain behind and move their entire being into the realm of the AI Cocoon.  I coined this term for what everyone else is calling the Artificially Intelligent Quantum Computer because the reality of the situation is that the human animal will go into this device as a caterpillar inhabits its cocoon.  But, as we all know from childhood, the lowly worm emerges from the cocoon a few months later and takes the form of a beautiful Butterfly. 

When human beings enter our own cocoon, in the next few years, we will bring with us enough knowledge and technology to turn ourselves into anything we want to be, beautiful or horrible, for better or worse, each with earth shaking implications.  The choice will be ours to make.  We need to start asking the right questions and making the right decisions based on those answers before we we go down the wrong path that may be irreversible. 

In the billions of years of Evolution on this planet, there has never been such a sudden time of species Divergence as this.  Even when humans made the divergence from the apes, the divergence was not as profound or as fateful as the divergence we will undergo when we alter our Consciousness from that which is contained in the human brain to a Consciousness that escapes its limitations within the human skull and moved out into the vastness of infinite space and time.

We have only a few years before such an event will surely take place and there are indications that this great technological achievement may be reserved for the top one percent of our world's population, at most.  They may be planning to create a new species of human being to rule over those of us who they have intentionally left behind.  This can only lead to a dystopian world that will dwarf the worst scenes of the most pessimistic Science Fiction movies. 

The subtitle of this book - #AICocon - is there for a purpose and as such represents the greatest challenge to our civilization in our history.  We have to begin using the hastag AICocoon now to begin the conversation about how to prevent such a disaster for all Mankind and how to use this amazing new Scientific Breakthrough for the benefit of us all.

"The needs of the many greatly outweigh the needs of the few."  Commander Spock in Star Trek.

It's time for the greatest metamorphosis in history to be unleashed.  We must ensure that it is used to guarantee our species future and the future of all life on this beautiful and sacred planet Earth because the reverse is unimaginable and unacceptable. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Metamorphosis - #AI Cocoon - Coming Early 2018 - Be Prepared

My New Book - 'Metamorphosis - #AICocoon' Available NOW 

You NEED -TO -Know - OUR Latest Mind-Blower

Webster's Dictionary Definition of Metamorphosis:  

In Biology. a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism, as from the caterpillar to the pupa and from the pupa to the adult butterfly. 

There also comes a time, in the evolution of a species where Metamorphosis of the entire genome of a species due to sudden and radical environmental change must take place in order for the species to survive in the new environment.  There have only been a handful of such times in human evolution.  

This is such a time.  
In the next few years, the Human Animal will diverge in such a way that will dwarf the divergence a couple million years ago, when human beings broke away from the Apes.

Help ensure we don't screw this up too.

You can GET IT HERE - Bookmark this page


USE #AICocoon in all your posts

It matters!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Greatest Force - and an Antenna that will deliver it to you.

IF you are curious about what Einstein called 'The fabric of Space/Time' this is the audible book for YOU!

AFTER you've BLOWN YOUR MIND with the above Audible Book - REPAIR IT with our latest UPDATE

AND NOW a major scientific breakthrough device that helps you connect to The Greatest Force


Flux Antenna - New Invention improves your state of Consciousness

Don't laugh just yet.  An Astrophysics team using the most sophisticated and sensitive Scientific instrument in history - LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravity Wave Observatory) - recently discovered GRAVITY WAVES as predicted by Albert Einstein 100 years previously.

The source of these Gravity Waves were created by the merging of two massive Black Holes some 1.3 BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY.

We only received the last FEW SECONDS of this merger as reflected by a short 'CHIRP' of Gravity Waves that hit the Earth and were received by LIGO on Sept. 15, 2015.  

This means that the final seconds of this Astronomically huge and rare event was passing over the Earth at the same moment that they turned on their instruments on that day.

THE ODDS of this incredibly rare event that took 1.3 BILLION YEARS TO REACH THE EARTH are astronomically high - AGAINST.

Yet it happened~
The LIGO team themselves could not believe it at first and took several months CHECKING THEIR DATA and INSTRUMENTS to make sure this actually took place.  IT DID.

2nd most important piece of the puzzle:

We learned from this event and others since captured that GRAVITY WAVES are the same FREQUENCY and WAVE LENGTH AS THE HUMAN BRAIN WAVES!  Approximately 40 - 100 Hertz or cycles per second!!!


WHEN, you consider that Gravity waves are responsible for keeping our feet on the Earth, they hold the Earth in orbit around the Sun.  Gravity waves keep the SUN in orbit around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.  They keep all Galaxies apart from each other while occasionally merging them together.  And Gravity Waves even force Massive Black Holes to come together and merge, which is how we come to this story in the first place.


I believe that what they discovered were NOT in fact Gravity Waves but were samples of Consciousness Waves instead.

It's TOO Much of a stretch to have us believe that ON THE DAY you turn on the LIGO Gravity Wave Detectors that you would find the biggest Gravity Waves in the universe as they passed us by after 1.3 BILLION YEARS had gone by.

HOWEVER, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that the CONSCIOUSNESS WAVE CREATOR launched a Consciousness Wave at us in order for us to make this huge advance in our knowledge of the universe.


As the most intelligent life forms in the universe as far as we know, we all have a DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY to learn of our MANIFEST DESTINY.

Flux Antenna - New Invention improves your state of Consciousness

In my earlier work - The 4 States of Consciousness, you will also LEARN more about the evolution of this idea.  It all starts at the Sub-Atomic Level and works its way up to US!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

World is on a dangerous path towards World War III - Only one way to AVOID IT - Get The Greatest Force on our side.

North Korea is planning to test a Hydrogen Bomb in the Pacific Ocean, which will kill numerous dolphins, whales, pollute the atmosphere even worse than it is now.  Trump wants more nukes that would destroy the Earth 1,000 Times Over - When is the insanity going to end?

You need to know the answer as to why we're all here - One New Book may do that for you.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Greatest Force - And How To Use It - Discover The Force - It's not laser swords and Starships or saving Princesses but it works

Einstein was certain that there was a single Force that produced all of the others - he couldn't prove it.  We did.

The Strong Force, The Weak Force, Electromagnetic Force and Gravity are the four fundamental interactions in the universe.  These forces form the universe as we know it.  However, now there is evidence that there is a Force behind all of the every-day forces that we experience every day.  The best part is that this new force is extremely easy to comprehend it as Albert Einstein knew it would be.  We explain The Greatest Force in the simplest terms that anyone with a 4th Grade education can understand.  At the same time, we travel deep inside the basic building blocks of the universe, the atom and sub-atomic particles that make-up all of the countless numbers of atoms everywhere and we see the working for a Super-Consciousness that knows every single spot in the Space and Time of this universe, what needs it may have and how to fulfill those needs. Since you occupy some of this random Space/Time in the universe, it knows how to hold everything in your life in its hands and this is how we can measure your fate, because it's all connected.

Read or LISTEN to this book only if you can enjoy a great mystery and love to stimulate your brain in trying to guess what happens next.  Listen to this book if you are interested in the real Truth about the universe.  Listen to this book on the road or even while at work, because some of these concepts are impacting you at this very minute, but you are blissfully unaware of how they control you and how you can turn this process around and control your own life for whatever goals or missions you may have.  

You'll be sooooooooooo glad you did.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My latest research uncovers The Greatest Force - Einstein was right. There really is only one Force - I prove it here - And how to USE IT

The Greatest Force - And How You Can Use It - on Amazon Now - Audible in a few DAYS~

Reviews - Retweets - Reposts sorely needed.  This is a CALL to the Universe

The Greatest Force in the Universe has been discovered.  Next, you need to learn how to use it in your every day life.  Not to worry - this book will show you the way.

The Four Fundamental Interactions in the universe - The Strong Force, The Weak Force, the Electro-Magnetic Force and Gravity have long been thought to be tributaries of the same river.  In The Greatest Force, we explore the fact that this river has been discovered by research performed recently that is based on the 'Entanglements' of electrons.  They know about each other and therefore represent the first layer of Consciousness in the universe.  It is the flow of Consciousness from the Greatest Force, right up until the presentation of these words in your brain that make up the greatest way to connect the dots.  

The Greatest Force knows where every point in the universe lies and what role it must play in the overall scheme of things.  Some of these points in the universe intersect at your location in Space/Time, therefore your fate is locked in to the same trending events of the Past, Present and Future.  What you need to do now is merely learn how these basic Laws of Physics impact all the events of your life every day.  It's not Rocket Science, and is instead one of the simplest things in the universe that can be known.  

Einstein could not prove the "Grand Unification Theory" mathematically and was frustrated up until his death in 1952.  This is only because he was over-thinking it.  In this book, we prove Einstein's greatest theory that he knew in his gut to be the absolute truth about the universe and our role in it.  

Give this book a read only if you are a curious Science buff who likes to learn about the latest scientific discoveries but without all of the blustering bluff, bombast and balderdash that accompanies most scientific papers.  This information can be completely understood by anyone with a basic High School education.  The Greatest Force planned it that way.

Is this The Force that they use in Star Wars?  I leave that up to your interpretation.  Science Fiction today often uncovers the truth about our reality in very interesting and entertaining ways.  This book will seem like Science Fiction to some, but when you complete your study and suddenly everything in your life snaps into place and things begin to go the way you had always hoped, The Greatest Force may be with you - Always!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Available NOW - 'One Crazy Bastard Saves The World' - Science Fiction? At its Finest.

COMING SOON (Sept. 15th)

The Greatest Force in the universe has been discovered by this author.  The only thing you need to do now - After reading this book - is how you can use it in your daily life.  Come back on or around Sept. 15th to get your free copy.  Could be sooner, so check back every day and when you can click on the cover to purchase on Amazon, and/or you'll know it's available. 


 In the meantime, read the previous works of mine that lead me to the greatest discovery of all time.

 MAXTRICITY:  The Science of Entangled Electrons

This may in fact be the best book you've ever heard.

The Maximum Force in the universe is now available to anyone with a brain.

Hopefully, this describes you - If you have a brain, your thoughts are powered by your electrons.  Now, learn how your electrons think about the universe.

Whenever two electrons band together inside an atom - if they share their orbital, they may become entangled.  This means they will never forget one another.  The force that continually bonds entangled electrons together in this highest state - the author has dubbed as 'Maxtricity' and electrons so entangled as 'Maxtrons'.  The maximum power in the universe is easily the Square of all other forces in the universe combined since this force defies even the speed of light.  

"At the very least, this discovery could mean a sustainable future for our species for all eternity.  At best, it could mean that we have a way to solve any problem that arises ever again."  Max Steingarden - The Institute for Advanced Telometric Astrophysics.


Give it a REVIEW on Audible - You're Good To Go!

Out in PRINT and KINDLE NOW - Science Fiction Reviews Wanted

It Out NOW!
BASED on the recently discovered Science by Michael Mathiesen - SEE BELOW - How one crazy Bastard will Save The World ~~

This book will change the way you think about Science and how much impact it can have on our individual lives as well as the life of the planet.

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